All-in-One Pepper Variety Pack


All-in-One Pepper Variety Pack

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All-in-One Hot & Sweet Pepper Variety Pack includes an assortment of our 12 most popular varieties. Seeds are all individually packaged.  Packaged with zip-lock Mylar bag system for long-term storage and maximum seed protection. 

  • Seeds are stored in a heavy duty Mylar 2.2 mil Mylar bag.
  • Metallized 2.2 mil poly provides two layers of protection from moisture and light.
  • Zipper-top closure and bottom fold.
  • Resealable.


Includes all of the following varieties:

1. Ancho Grande (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 85 days

  • These seeds produces good yields of 4" long by 3" wide hot peppers. Perfect for making rellanos. Excellent for making chili powder! Plant Height: 36"

2. Anaheim Chili (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 80 days

  • Produces a classic, all time favorite pepper for chile rellenos and for roasting. Long slim fruit changing green to scarlet red.

3. Big Jim (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 85 days

  • Plant produces heavy yields of 12" long by 2 ¾" wide hot peppers. Peppers are mildly hot and turn from green to red when mature.

4. California Wonder Bell Pepper (SWEET!)


  • Days to Maturity | 75 days

  • Large yields of blocky, mostly 4 lobed, thick-walled fruit that is mild and sweet.

5. Cayenne Long Thin (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 70 days

  • Hot but delightfully pungent in flavor! Six inch long, one-half inch thin, green fruits that turn red when mature. Named after the South American river in Guyana.

6. Caloro (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 85 days

  • Plant produces high yields of 2" long by 1" wide conical shaped hot peppers. Peppers are hot, have thick walls, and turn from green to bright yellow when mature.

7. Jalapeno (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 70 days

  • Slightly larger fruit and taller plant. This heavy yielding pepper will produce over a long period.

8. Habenero - Red Caribbean (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 85 days

  • The red caribbean habanero pepper plant produces great yields of 2" x 1" wide hot peppers. The peppers are extremely hot in flavor.

9. Banana (SWEET!)


  • Days to Maturity | 75 days

  • The Yellow Banana Pepper plant produces high yields of 6" long by 2" wide banana shaped sweet peppers. One of the most popular sweet peppers in the USA!
    - Turn from light green, to yellow, to orange, to red when it matures (can be used at any stage of maturity).

    - Very sweet in flavor.

    - More vitamin C than an orange.

    - Excellent for salads, stuffing, or baking.

10. Red Hot Cherry (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 75 days

  • A Red Cherry type variety that grows into a bushy plant up to 3 feet tall. Higher heat levels than other Hot Cherry peppers. Has a nice robust flavor. Very easy to grow. Pods ripen to a Cherry Red color and get up to over 1 inch in diameter.

11. Santa Fe Grande (HOT!)

  • Days to Maturity | 75 days

  • Hot flavor! The upright plants of the Santa Fe Grande Pepper produce excellent yields of yellow fruit which turns to orange and then red at maturity. This open pollinated variety is resistant to tobacco mosaic virus.

12. Serrano Tampiqueno (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 80 days

  • The Serrano Tampiqueno is a strong pepper. The fruits are short and thin walled. The plants grow to 30-36" tall and bear large quantities of peppers continually..

13. Tabasco (HOT!)


  • Days to Maturity | 80 days

  • Tabasco Chili Peppers have a strong pungent flavored pepper maturing from green to yellow.

14. Yolo Wonder Bell Pepper (SWEET!)


  • Days to Maturity | 75 days

  • |Recommended by USU. Large 4½ by 4 inch, 3 to 4 lobed, glossy peppers on large, sturdy plants. Good foliage cover. An improved California Wonder. Resistant to Tobacco Mosaic Virus.



All-in-One Pepper Variety Pack



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